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  • Tom baribeault   medium resolution
    Tom Baribeault
    Tom baribeault   medium resolution
    Tom Baribeault
    Conference(s): Scottsdale Date(s): 2/25/2019 - 2/28/2019

    Tom Baribeault graduated from Case Western Reserve University Nurse Anesthesia program and is currently attending the Pain Management Fellowship and Doctorate of Nursing Practice programs at University of South Florida. He is the chief CRNA at the Lexington Surgery Center in Lexington Kentucky. In his spare time, he enjoys lecturing on acute surgical pain management, ultrasound guided regional anesthesia, and point of care ultrasound. In 2017, Tom founded the Society for Opioid-free Anesthesia (SOFA) and currently serves as the President. SOFA is a non-profit organization dedicated to education and research on opioid-free anesthesia.

  • Burke head shot
    Cherie Burke
    Burke head shot
    Cherie Burke
    Conference(s): Sonoma Date(s): 9/23-26-2019

    Cherie has been a practicing CRNA for 29 years. She has worked in
    every practice setting except the military. Cherie has also taught at
    Rutgers University Nurse Anesthesia Program and was an Assistant
    Program Director at the University of New England. Her extensive
    experience and years of advocating for CRNAs has afforded her the
    opportunity to experience both the trials and triumphs of the
    Cherie recently completed an Interprofessional Patient Safety
    Fellowship with the Veteran’s Administration and is an advocate for
    CRNAs leading the perioperative patient safety agenda. She was on
    the North Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists Board of Directors
    and served as the public relations chair, as well as the program chair
    for the NCANA. As the PAC chair for the Pennsylvania Association of
    Nurse Anesthetists, Cherie tripled PAC donations. She has served
    the AANA on the Professional Development and Health and Wellness
    Committees. Cherie was on the board of directors of Emerging
    Healthcare Professionals in the Lehigh Valley, which allowed high
    school seniors to shadow and experience the many healthcare
    professions prior to beginning college.
    Cherie received her DNP from La Salle University in Philadelphia, PA,
    where she developed an evidence-based teaching plan to integrate
    patient safety strategies into nurse anesthesia education and is
    currently a PhD student at Duquesne University. Cherie enjoys
    lecturing on the national level and engaging with other CRNAs.

  • Collinsheadshot
    Gregory Collins
    Gregory Collins
    Conference(s): Scottsdale, Arizona Date(s): 2/24/2020-2/27/2020

    Dr. Gregory Collins practices obstetric anesthesia in Amarillo, Texas. He is a partner in a CRNA-only group providing service to a high-risk labor and delivery unit. Dr. Collins completed both his initial anesthesia training and subsequent Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at Texas Christian University, and he continues his association with the institution in the role of adjunct faculty and clinical coordinator. He is a veteran of the US Army Reserves, having delivered down-range anesthesia in support of both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn. Dr. Collins serves on the Board of Directors for the Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists representing more than 4,500 CRNAs.

  • Shanegarner 100
    Shane Garner
    MS, CRNA
    Shanegarner 100
    Shane Garner
    MS, CRNA
    Conference(s): Houston, TX/Scottsdale, AZ Date(s): 11/16/2019-11/17/2019, 2/24/2020-2/27/2020

    Shane Garner, CRNA, MS, is a nurse anesthetist at Ripon Medical Center in Ripon, Wisconsin. He graduated from Rosalind Franklin University Nurse Anesthesia Program in 2012 and has recently graduated from the University of South Florida Advanced Pain Management Fellowship. Shane is passionate about acute and chronic pain management through the use of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia and opioid-free multimodal analgesia. His passion for regional anesthesia has led him to developing and integrating cutting-edge regional anesthesia protocols that include peripheral nerve catheter techniques at his hospital. He is in the process of developing his chronic pain management skill set to start his own chronic pain practice. Shane is also adjunct faculty at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Nurse Anesthesia program and enjoys lecturing around the country.

  • Agonz
    Adriana Gonzalez
    Adriana Gonzalez
    Conference(s): Houston, TX Date(s): 11/16/2019-11/17/2019

    Dr. Adriana Gonzalez spent 10 years as an adult ICU bedside nurse before pursuing her doctorate degree in nursing anesthesia. She graduated with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) from Baylor College of Medicine. Currently, she is a staff Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) at Houston Methodist Hospital (HMH). HMH is a world-renowned institution known for heart and lung transplants, as well as specializing in non-invasive interventions for high-risk cardiac patients. As a staff CRNA she specializes in the care of cardiovascular surgical patients.

    Dr. Gonzalez is the Clinical Coordinator for SRNAs at Houston Methodist Hospital in the cardiovascular
    anesthesia department. In addition to her staff CRNA responsibilities, she has also been active
    in clinical education presentations for her peers and students.

    She is originally from South Texas and comes from a family of medical professionals.
    She is a member of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists and Texas Association of Nurse Anesthetists. In her free time she loves she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and son. She also enjoys book club with her amigas.

  • Lowrance
    Jon Lowrance
    Jon Lowrance
    Conference(s): Sonoma, New Orleans Date(s): 9/23-26/2019, 5/4-7/2020

    Jon Lowrance, MSN, CRNA practices anesthesia and is the SRNA Clinical Coordinator at Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. He is a faculty member with NOLS Wilderness Medicine and Landmark Learning and produces the podcast, From the Head of the Bed… a podcast for the anesthesia community.

  • Strube
    LTC Peter Strube
    LTC Peter Strube
    Conference(s): Sonoma, CA Date(s): 9/23-26/2019

    Lieutenant Colonel Peter D. Strube is a CRNA who graduated Magna Cum Laude from St.
    Mary’s University school of anesthesia in 2006 with a master’s degree specifically in anesthesia.
    His undergraduate degree is from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. He was awarded the Doctor
    of Nurse Anesthesia (DNAP) in June of 2017 and is currently enrolled in his executive MBA
    program. Lieutenant Colonel Strube is in the United States Nurse Corp. LTC Strube has
    mobilized and deployed four times during current military operations which includes service in
    both Iraq and Afghanistan. Peter is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nurse
    Anesthesia, College of Health Professions, at Rosalind Franklin University, and is a professional
    mentor for doctoral students. Peter is also Associate Academic Faculty, University of Wisconsin,
    Oshkosh where he is the course director for the doctoral anesthesia pharmacology program. Peter
    works clinically as a senior instructor level 3 at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics.
    Peter is also an Associated Professor at St Mary’s University and is the director of the doctoral
    anesthesia pharmacology program. He has authored several professional articles and training
    programs, and speaks professionally both nationally and internationally. He is an editor and
    reviewer for anesthesia articles and papers. He has been elected to serve on the state association
    board and two AANA national committees. He has served his community as a member of the
    Mount Horeb Board of Education and is a Commissioner on the Dane County Ethics Board and
    is a court appointed mentor for veterans in crisis.

  • Westra
    Kimberly Westra
    CRNA, MS, DNP, MBA (c)
    Kimberly Westra
    CRNA, MS, DNP, MBA (c)
    Conference(s): Sonoma, CA; Scottsdale, AZ Date(s): 9/23/19-9/26/19, 2/24/2020-2/27/2020

    Kimberly Westra CRNA, MS, DNP is a certified registered nurse anesthetist with 13years experience. Kimberly began her career in Baltimore Maryland with experience as a critical care nurse at Johns Hopkins University. Mrs. Westra extensive clinical experience includes her role as an RNFA, CNOR, and CPAN. Kimberly specializes in Lean Initiatives in Anesthesia and Perioperative Care. Kimberly developed a comprehensive airway alert wristband and an electronic medical record airway alert system that can be customized to any size organization or retrofitted into existing documentation programs. Kimberly developed a multidisciplinary educational outreach program for critical care difficult airway management in perioperative and critical care settings. These highly effective outreach programs assist the anesthesia provider in educating the care teams on the multidisciplinary care team approach to difficult airway management. Kimberly is a dynamic and energetic speaker who engages audiences with lively discussions on numerous topics such as: The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Anesthesia Practice, Interdisciplinary Difficult Airway Management, Team Building in the OR, Managing Acute Perioperative Crisis’, Anesthesia Care: A Business/Practice Paradigm.

    Mrs. Westra is doctoral graduate of Chatham University and is an MBA candidate in
    Healthcare Finance and Administration at Patten University. Kimberly is a member of the Sigma Theta Tau honor society at Chatham and serves in the mentoring program for advanced practice nurses. Mrs. Westra speaks locally and nationally for Encore Symposiums, PANA, DANA, AzANA on a variety of current health care topics including clinical practice, process improvement, and the business aspects of anesthesia care.Kim is Chief Nurse Anesthetist and Manager Perioperative Education at The Reading Medical Center.

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    Tracy Young
    Tracy Young
    Conference(s): Houston, TX Date(s): 11/16/19-11/17/19

    Tracy graduated with his Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia from Texas Wesleyan University in 2000 and immediately began providing anesthesia services to several hospital facilities in and around New Iberia, Louisiana. In 2003, Tracy formed YPS Anesthesia Services, LLC, and has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer for over 12 years. The group has grown to include over 50 facilities and 250+ providers in four states (Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi). In 2008, he received his Master of Business Administration-Healthcare from George Washington University and continues to focus his efforts on the growth of YPS Anesthesia. His time is divided between clinical and administrative duties as he oversees the operation, finances, and growth of YPS Anesthesia and its subsidiaries. Tracy is also on the Board of Directors for the Louisiana State Association of Nurse Anesthetists (LANA). He has served 2 years as the State Reimbursement Specialist for Louisiana and is now the President of LANA.